The Apiary Salon ∆ St. Paul, MN | A Commercial Lifestyle Project.


If you are following me on the social media webs it is likely that you have already come across the words, “life is beautiful” in line with my hopes and created imagery. I use these three words because, when we boil the all of everything down to its elements, we find that this truth is our essential commonality. These words give way to our Why — our passions, our inspirations, the things which make us come alive and burn bright as the sun. And so it is with great excitement to share that I am extending the circle of my lifestyle work to include that of incredible artisan businesses, which came into creation solely because of the very flames this passion ignites. The frames below were the very first step in the adventure of making images for the entrepreneur that not only document, but inspire, and I am very much looking forward to collaborating with other creative business owners with a passion and story to share. (Are you an artisan business with a passion? Say hello at (or the contact tab above) and let’s connect!)

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THE STORY // The Apiary Salon is a delectable find with roots in St. Paul, MN. Committed to a non-toxic, organic, and sustainable way of life and beauty, Laura and Cori provide clientele with a place of refuge from chemicals and corporate mandates, supporting local arts and craftsmanship like Mirasol Farm, Lisa Rydin Erickson, and Larissa Loden Jewelry (to name a few.) These women are not only talented and kind and beautiful and making things happen, but they also support local bees, which makes them my favorite kind of humans 🙂








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