The gift of life is a wonderment, if one slows down long enough to give it thought: the gift of breath, of feeling, of connection to others. We know, deep down, that these simple measures are what bring the greatest fulfillment in life, and yet it is remarkably (and unfortunately) easy to find oneself caught up in The Hurry (and forgetting) of it all. And so it was decided that this hurry — that daily rush — was to be left to busy itself elsewhere, as it had no presence in this story.

For the telling of a story must always leave the storyteller a bit changed, the humbling inspiration of being witness to the very windows of life itself, by personal transition and paths to follow;

for these two, in their quiet strength and steadfast way,

were, before me, becoming mother and father.








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“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.”

-Mary Oliver

A simple, unscripted family morning

nestled amidst the bluffs of the St. Croix River.

A celebration of the adventure of childhood.




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Our stories are always growing, changing shape, moving forward with but one constant — they’re ours. And just as much as they belong to us we are tied to them: the sophie giraffes, footed pajamas, the overwhelming bond of eye contact; creating a thread of love so tangible that there will be no undoing. Since these images were made there have been many firsts for this tiny little prince…first foods, first tooth, a first time sitting and perhaps even first steps. While these feats are no more unique in and of themselves than the every day human, they are real and joyful celebrations to the souls of this story, events which are bonded to that first tangible thread, anchoring us to home.

There is no perfection, only life. There is no rewind, only love. And as we look through the sieve of hindsight, we understand even more that these common threads are what remain.

Time, perhaps, is our greatest gift.




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If you are following me on the social media webs it is likely that you have already come across the words, “life is beautiful” in line with my hopes for 2016. I use these three words because, when we boil the all of everything down to its elements, we find that this truth is our essential commonality. These words give way to our Why — our passions, our inspirations, the things which make us come alive and burn bright as the sun. And so it is with great excitement to share that I am extending the circle of my lifestyle work to include that of incredible artisan businesses, which came into creation solely because of the very flames this passion ignites. The frames below were the very first step in the adventure of making images for the entrepreneur that not only document, but inspire, and I am very much looking forward to collaborating with other creative business owners with a passion and story to share. (Are you an artisan business with a passion? Say hello at (or the contact tab above) and let’s connect!)

∆ ∆ ∆

THE STORY // The Apiary Salon is a delectable find with roots in St. Paul, MN. Committed to a non-toxic, organic, and sustainable way of life and beauty, Laura and Cori provide clientele with a place of refuge from chemicals and corporate mandates, supporting local arts and craftsmanship like Mirasol Farm, Lisa Rydin Erickson, and Larissa Loden Jewelry (to name a few.) These women are not only talented and kind and beautiful and making things happen, but they also support local bees, which makes them my favorite kind of humans 🙂








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The wedding of Dan and Amie Jean was more than. It was a beginning, a middle, and an end; a drop in the bucket of days with the strength of a river, all threaded together into a breathtaking patchwork of love, devoted friendship, and vibrant summer. The day was steamy and bright, a July in September, the energy on the wind a contagious glee. It was camping and chickens, floral and lace, teepees and backyards and grilling and cheers — a celebration in every way, where joy and beauty radiated unfiltered.

This day,

these two,

(all of us, really)

are a thousand different things.

But when the layers are removed and there is nothing left but truth,

what we find is



(and p.s. Thank you so much Amie and Dan, for everything.)






Vendor love:

Bridal // a & be bridal // free people

Floral // Lettering // athena pelton

Jewelry // mineralogy designs

Hair // hair police



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