FEATURED: The Day Is (Already) Perfect. // St. Paul, MN



The gift of life is a wonderment, if one slows down long enough to give it thought: the gift of breath, of feeling, of connection to others. We know, deep down, that these simple measures are what bring the greatest fulfillment in life, and yet it is remarkably (and unfortunately) easy to find oneself caught up in The Hurry (and forgetting) of it all. And so it was decided that this hurry — that daily rush — was to be left to busy itself elsewhere, as it had no presence in this story.

For the telling of a story must always leave the storyteller a bit changed, the humbling inspiration of being witness to the very windows of life itself, by personal transition and paths to follow;

for these two, in their quiet strength and steadfast way,

were, before me, becoming mother and father.








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