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Our stories are always growing, changing shape, moving forward with but one constant — they’re ours. And just as much as they belong to us we are tied to them: the sophie giraffes, footed pajamas, the overwhelming bond of eye contact; creating a thread of love so tangible that there will be no undoing. Since these images were made there have been many firsts for this tiny little prince…first foods, first tooth, a first time sitting and perhaps even first steps. While these feats are no more unique in and of themselves than the every day human, they are real and joyful celebrations to the souls of this story, events which are bonded to that first tangible thread, anchoring us to home.

There is no perfection, only life. There is no rewind, only love. And as we look through the sieve of hindsight, we understand even more that these common threads are what remain.

Time, perhaps, is our greatest gift.




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