Because simple is a choice.
    Because life requires both light and shadow.
    Because the world competes with noise and yet
    you safeguard quiet and inexhaustible joy.
    Because a photograph connects with you where words escape.
    Because music is your happy place.
    Because your story is your truth,
    and our paths are meant to cross.

FEATURED: A Northwood’s Summer & The Story of Katie + Joe.

My paths crossed with Katie and Joe on one of those first perfectly warm days of Spring, and we sat around a

FEATURED: Love is Wisteria. Art & Architecture. Cupcakes & Thoughtfulness. Love is Mary + Megan.

first, a note: as i look back at the 2015 wedding season, my heart is bursting at the memories of the connections and

A New Beginning

We are always in the process of relearning who we are and delving deeper into the honesty of ourselves. It is a